di COME PRIMA hanno detto ...

A Playlist de Hoje - Media Brazil

The melody is very moving and the way you fit your voice with the instruments is so light, so subtle that sometimes they even get confused. Strong chorus, strong interpretation and a very well done melody that is already revealed in the intro. Congrats on the work!


daydream - Playlist

Beautiful work and voice Angelo.


Felix Vibes - Brazil: channel

What a sweet song and this calm melody, I really liked it! 


Guia Records - Brazil: label, playlist

Good lyrics, good voices, tuned voices, good arrangements, well-recorded instruments, the sound aesthetic is good! Good flutes and guitars!!
The mix is ​​good, good dynamics, everything in place!


Hits 1 radio France: journalist media playlist

Bonjour, nous avons bien aimé votre titre et partagé celui ci sur la playlist et intégré en rotation nouveautés sur Hits 1 durant le mois de Janvier et mi Février (1 mois)


Musicalizar - Brazil: channel media playlist

It's great to see your creativity and your talent.
The musical harmony and that talented voice.
Music has this power to connect us and ...
that's what really happens in this song. A very strong connection.
The instruments were great, it was wonderful.


Radio Alternativa Rock - Brazil: radio

We really like your song, your voice is amazing, congratulations. The song had a good production job. I don't speak Italian, but I really like your language. This song is very interesting.
 Keep doing work with your heart and you won't go wrong. Simple, sincere and very well done work.
Let's go together, long live independent music. 


Salotto Musicale - giornalista

Mi piace molto questa canzone. Si sente una bella sensibilità artistica. Bella l'atmosfera e l'approccio alla canzone. Nel complesso direi un bel progetto! 


The Wave Cache - United States: channel

I'm enjoying the instrumentation and dope chorus.
The production sounds solid.


UPDT - Portugal Playlist

Thank you for this track. Would be perfect if I could hear this being played in an event. I'd say "look, it's Angelo who's singing!!"