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0371 Music Press - media

Complimenti per il video e per il disco.



Bardi Bomb - United States, playlist

Your music was good. The content was great.

Beco Indie - Brazil: media, playlist

Album Bidèl, Pop rock e blues di attualità, belíssimo messaggio, una canzone che suona in internò da juventine.

Best For You - United Kingdom, playlist

This song is wonderful and there is so much peace in this music that I fell in love with it. 

best song's from MH - Netherlands, playlist

I listen to your song and i enjoy it so much you have so talented voice and amazing performance with powerful lyrics and beat there is no any negative thing's to say about your amazing song i can listen to it all day long i love to add your song to my playlist because i want my listener's just keep listen to best song's and your song is one of the powerful one.

Boulimique de Musique - Canada: media, playlist

Une chanson italienne empreinte d'une douce mélancolie aux sonorités acoustiques qui rencontrent des éléments synthétiques raffinées. L'interprétation vocale masculine habitée par énormément de sensibilité est appuyée par la mise en scène artistique du clip qui accompagne ce titre de manière fort fantaisiste.

Can't Sleep - playlist

Your track is really original and particular.
I share in my fresh finds top hits.

Everyday jams - Germany, playlist

I love the voice, the lyrics, melody and the rhythm they are so cool with fresh vibe.


Felix Vibes - Brazil, channel

The melody is so sweet and the guitar performance is perfect.

Fire-List: United States, playlist

Music is good; the content is great.

Furo Records - Brazil, label

The care taken with how the guitar was treated here, along with the elements that mix with the voice, is of unparalleled beauty. Perhaps the last seconds were not necessary as a closing, but nothing that compromises the splendor of the song.

GPop Tunes - Brazil: media, playlist

We believe that you are a very talented and dedicated artist.
Simple voice and a beautiful lyrical song in a clip full of love. 

GRM Management - label

Bellissimo tuo video e intrigante l'arrangiamento della traccia, con quel tappeto di voci che emula un theremin, molto originale e di forte impatto al momento giusto. Ottima la tecnica strumentale, qualche fraseggio in più non avrebbe di sicuro dato fastidio.

Guia Records - Brazil, label

 Buon folk strumentale!
Buona struttura della traccia, buoni arrangiamenti, buone chitarre acustiche, buone voci che compongono i pad!
Strumenti a posto e parlare in armonia!
Buon mix, buona dinamica, buona atmosfera.

Heatwave! - Brazil, radio

I listened to this music, a beautiful almost instrumental piece, with the sound of a soundtrack. The fingering of the guitar is very good. I think it has everything to please the public.

Home Made - label, manager, playlist, radio

I listened to the song a very pleasant delicacy ...

Hubb UK - United Kingdom, radio

The melody of this song is very cool.
We think you did a great job with this song and you should be proud of yourself. Keep up the great work.

Infiny Radio - France

Nous avons bien écoutés,
il s'agit d'une belle mélodie pour cette intro d'album.

kiam - United States, playlist

I really liked the story line of the beat and the video helped to understand it better overall it was interesting.

M de Musica - Portugal, media

You don’t need much to create a special moment: on this track, you witness a dance between a gentle acoustic guitar and a chamber vocal delivery. Together, they star a sweet lullaby, that embraces the listener and touches him. Quick and straight to the point, it’s a very enjoyable song.

Minuto Indie - Brazil, media

Wow, that's a lovely song, super beautiful! I'm in love!

Moonlight - Netherlands, playlist

This music made my whole life pass before my eyes and there is a lot of love in this music. 

MUSIC MEDIA - Spain: label, media

La canzone è l'intro dell'album in cui mostri già che ci ritroveremo nell'album. Una canzone pop folk, con protagonista un chitarrista.
Una produzione molto attenta che si vede nel risultato finale.

Music-Alive, media

Complimenti per Album "Bidèl"

Musicalizar - Brazil: channel, media, playlist

Amazing your melody, the feeling you convey through it is something that connects us immeasurably.
The tones that you put in the melody give us a relief.



Nation POP - Brazil, media

Adoramos a música e vamos mencionar ele em um post em nosso site.

Neural Midia - Brazil, media

It's a good song, well produced, with a very original and creative rhythm. Every instrumental is very well presented.
Congratulations for the great job.

Os Garotos de Liverpool - Brazil: journalist, media, publisher

We love your music, it is very touching, the set is very harmonic and very pleasant to listen to, the videoclip makes the music more meaningful and shows how love is in detail.

PAKO MUSIC - label, media

Questo intro strumentale è molto bello. 
Mi piace la scelta di aver messo una linea vocale che accompagna la linea melodica. E' una melodia quasi evocativa. Davvero bella. 


Palco MP3 - Brazil, media

Incredible work!
Your songs are always so authentic, full of interesting elements, and super sentimental. It is one-of-kind work. Congratulations! 


Pillar Artists - UK: booker, label, manager, media, mentor, playlist

I found the song charming and enjoyed the video.


Portal Famosos Brasil - media

What an incredible song! It has such a great atmosphere, the production is so immersive and the vocals and harmonies are stunning. 


Radio Alternativa Rock - Brazil

Beautiful song. Great video. Congratulations, it's amazing.
Don't give up, always keep going. 

Radio Click Digital - Argentina, journalist

Una pieza musical que parece una obra de arte, el coro, el sonido de la guitarra suena tan lindo. Mantiene una armonia en todo momento. 

Radio Criativa10 - Brazil

Your song is very good, it will be a pleasure to play in our schedule. And we're sure our listeners will like it a lot too.

Radio Derby Web

Un ottimo strumentale, coinvolgente poi la chitarra è uno strumento magico che con quei pochi effetti e la voce che si percepisce come coro ci ha fatto venire i brividi.

Radio Saint Diè - France

Excellent your title congratulations! we like this kind of music on Radio Saint-Dié and with pleasure to bring your title on our radio. 



SeriesBrasil - media

The instrumentals in this intro are very good works and there is a conversation between them and the images in the video. With impeccable photography, the clip gave me the impression of following a couple's entire life from their first date to their future.

ShinyMusicGroup- Spain, playlist

Good composition with a lot of potenital to get discovered. Great recording and clean selection of samples on the beat. Keep it up! 

SLE Music Radio - United Kingdom

Really nice sound, love the guitar play so mellow and enchantingly relaxing. 

sleek_tunez - United States, media 

Great musicianship, you play with confidence.
Lots of potential with superb power.
Perform as much as you can as you have bags of potential.

Sound Contest


SoundsGoodWebZine - media


Supersonica - Brazil, radio

It's always a pleasure to hear good music, especially when it's of great quality.

TECO APPLE - Brazil, media

The song has a warm sound in the subtle and euphonic vocals, the guitar strummed and an atmosphere of calm. We believe it to be an introduction to the work in its entirety. And it really is very beautiful.

The best music - Canada, playlist

It is a very good song and you have a very very good voice and the rhythm of the song is very good and there is a very good harmony in the song and this song is a world masterpiece good luck.

UK Independent - United Kingdom, radio

This is a beautiful piece of music and an incredible tune with an lovely voice.

UpdateCharts - Brazil, media

The intensity and immensity that this music provides to our ears is something out of this world. The connection between the instruments makes us want to listen a lot more and explore the artist.

UPDT - Portugal, playlist

That's an intro? Wow. Didn't expect this. What a way to introduce an album, that was a really good surprise. I also wasn't expecting the stacatto guitar part I guess you got inspired somehow, and, well done. Keep it up :) 

Viceversa Records - label

Eccomi di nuovo al cospetto del cantautore della bassa parmense che mi aveva stupito con il suo "W Bidèl".
Qui ci troviamo in tutti altri territori e sembra quasi incredibile che questo frammento acustico faccia parte dello stesso album di cui al brano suddetto, e invece...
Le atmosfere qui si fanno cinematiche e sognanti, complici il delicato arpeggio chitarristico e i cori celestiali che ci rimandano a suggestioni romantiche e oniriche al contempo.
Davvero una bella prova, forse avrei operato delle scelte differenti in sede di mixaggio mettendo la chitarra leggermente più "indietro" ma sono sottigliezze.

Wonderland of music - USA, playlist

I admire you with the creation of this astounding effect.

XO la factory - label

L'intro è molto evocativo e ben prodotto e soprattutto ben suonato. I suoni sono molto morbidi, forse il tutto è un attimo troppo scontato, ma come intro può andar bene.